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Kara J. Fishman, CCMA II, MAI
Phone:  860.487.4403
Fax:  860.487.4432
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GL 2015 Mill Rate

Real Estate – 32.368
Personal Property – 32.368
Motor Vehicles – 32.000

Last revaluation:  GL 2016
Next revaluation:  GL 2021

The Assessor’s office will be closed on Wednesday June 21, 2017 and Wednesday July 12, 2017 , from 1:30 pm – 3 pm.
The office will be open for evening office hours, from 7 pm – 9 pm.

The primary responsibility of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list and value all property in its jurisdiction.  The Grand List is generated each year as of October 1 and is a record of all taxable and tax exempt property.  Taxable property includes real estate, motor vehicles, personal property owned by businesses and certain personal property owned by residents (such as horses and unregistered motor vehicles).  All property is assessed at 70% of its value.  Motor vehicles and personal property are assessed at 70% of market value each year.  Real Estate is revalued every five years as required by Connecticut State Statute.  The Assessor’s office also administers property tax exemptions and tax relief programs.  Please contact the Assessor’s office for additional information.


Revaluation News

Grand List 2016 Assessor’s Notice to Taxpayers
VISION – Ashford Property Cards
NECCOG – GIS Mapping

CT DMV Change of Address information
Ashford Tax Collector


Request a Change of Mailing Address
2015 + 2016 Grand List Totals
Top 10 Taxpayers, GL 2016
Concrete Foundations – Impact on GL 2016

If you have a crumbling concrete foundation, contact the assessor at 860-487-4403 to discuss assessment reductions under PA 16-45.


Real Estate
Transfers 10-1-2016 forward

Transfers 12-1-2014 – 9-30-2015

Motor Vehicles
If you dispose of a vehicle you must provide a Plate Receipt from the CT DMV AND documentation of the disposal. See Motor Vehicle Credit Proof Required for detailed instructions.  As of 1/1/2017, credits are available only for those vehicles on the 2015 + 2016 Grand Lists.

Motor Vehicle Assessment and Payment Timing – click here to see a timeline of when vehicles are assessed and when the tax payments are due.

Antique car info and form
Active Duty Military MV Exemption
Federal Soldiers and Sailors MV Exemption
DMV – Bill of Sale
DMV – Gift Affidavit
Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Disposal

Personal Property Declarations + Forms:
PP Flyer for new businesses
Why unregistered MV are taxed
2016 Personal Property – Unregistered MV Declaration
Information on Registered Campers
2016 Personal Property – Camper Form
2016 Personal Property – Short Form
2016 Personal Property – Farm Machinery Exemption Application
2016 Personal Property – Long Form
2016 Personal Property – Manufacturing Equipment Exemption App
Dissolution of business affidavit – Note:  If you filed a trade name certificate with the town clerk, you must file a termination of trade name form in the Town Clerk’s Office.

PA490 Applications:
PA 490 Guide – Prepared by the CT Dept. of Agriculture + CT Farm Bureau
M-30 Open Space

M-39 Forest
M-29 Farmland 
CGS 12-504a-504e rev 1-2015

Board of Assessment Appeals
BAA February Appeal Form
BAA September Appeal Form

Veterans must file their Original DD214 with the Town Clerk’s Office by September 30th to be eligible
for Veteran’s Exemption on the next July tax bill
Basic explanation of veterans programs
Additional Veterans
Application – Due by October 1, 2017

Income Guidelines to Qualify Veterans GL 2017 – Income limits for Additional Veterans Program
Q & A on Owners, Additional Vets + Totally Disabled Programs
Totally Disabled Application

Homeowners Credit:
Q & A on Owners, Additional Vets + Totally Disabled Programs
Summary of Filing Requirements+Income Limits
Homeowners Credit Application
Letter to applicants

Income and Expense Forms:
I & E Instructions 2015
Income + Expense Form 2015-Sch A + B
Income + Expense Form 2015-Summary