Conservation Commission

Members and alternates appointed by Chief Executive Officer per CGS 7-131 (a)

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Ashford Open Space Plan Revised 6/8/2015

Commission Members:

Loretta A. Wrobel, Chairwoman (D)

Janet A. Bellamy (D)

Celeste Estevez (Not registered)

Marian Matthews (D)

John Stephen Morytko (D)

Gwen D. Haaland (U)

Catherine Sampson (D)


William Paul Dubinsky (U)

Eric J. Parent (R)

Langhammer Trail and spur to Ruby Fenton Preserve

Map of Langhammer Trail & spur to Ruby PreserveGIS view of Langhammer trail and spur

Walktober Hike – October 15th at 1 P.M., (rain date October 22nd)  Approx. 2 hours for a 1.5 mile walk.

For Walktober, the Conservation Commission will sponsor a hike at Langhammer Town Forest.  Drs. Gwen Haaland (botanist) and Charlotte Pyle (ecologist) and Loretta Wrobel (chair of Conservation Commission) will recount the historical and natural significance of the Langhammer Town Forest and cooperative efforts with the Willington Conservation Commission showcasing the completed trail system linking to Fenton-Ruby Park.  Hike begins at 1 PM and will last about two hours..  The 

Trail information

Directions to Langhammer Trail – From Rte 74 (across from Camp Connri) follow Zaicek Rd for .8 miles then turn left and follow until the stop sign (approx 2.5 miles from Rte 74).  Turn left onto Chatey Rd for 1.1 miles.  Turn left onto Lustig Rd. and continue .9 miles to the end, making a left turn into the parking area in the woods.  Total mileage from Rte 74 to Langhammer parking area is approx. 4.6 miles

The Conservation Commission has been working on this trail after receiving recommendations from the Eastern Connecticut Environmental Review Team (ERT) in 2014.  We applied for a review of the property to ERT and they walked the property several times with their team, assessed the parcel, and came up with the recommendations regarding a trail that showcases the different features of this Town owned property.

The Langhammer Property has been owned by the town for 50+ years and contains 72+ acres.  It is very close to the 300+ acre Willington Fenton Ruby Park and Preserve. It is Ashford’s largest town owned open space parcel and contains a diversity of wildlife, plants and geological features.

The Ashford and Willington Conservation Commissions have worked together to develop a link to the Fenton Ruby Preserve from our new trail.  We are please that we jointly developed a shared trail joining our towns so both town benefit and have access to both trails.

There is limited parking to access the trail.  The parking lot is off Lustig Road.  Continue on Lustig Road and bear to the left at the end.  Please do not park on Lustig Road, as this could inhibit the passing of emergency and other vehicles. 

Meeting Minutes