Economic Development Commission


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The Economic Development Commissions mission is to assist and encourage both existing and potential new businesses.  The Commission is guided by the belief that the business community should be compatible with our rural character.  We further seek to expand the tax base and provide residents with needed services and local employment.

The Commission meets at 7:30 P.M. in the Town Office Building on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except in November and December.

Commission Members:

vacancy  2/2015

Margaret J. Chatey, Vice Chair (D) 2/2019

Michael Gantick (D) 2/2015

John Calarese (D) 2/2016

John Rettenmeier (U)  2/2015

Gary H. Lawrence (D) 2/2015

Richard S. Williams, Chair (R) 2/2015

Vacancy  2/2019

Raymond L. Fenn,  (D) 2/2015


Kay Warren (R) 2/2015

Vacancy 2/2015

Meeting Minutes