Agriculture Commission

Established by Ordinance adopted by a Special Town Meeting held on 3/15/2010. The Agriculture Commission shall be an advisory board with charges and duties.

MEMBERSHIP: The Agriculture Commission will consist of 5 members and 3 alternates appointed by The Board of Selectmen in accordance to Connecticut General Statutes. Insofar as practical, members appointed shall be representative of all groups interested in the management, protection and regulation of agriculture as defined by Connecticut General Statutes 1-1q, particularly those directly involved in agriculture, including a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA). The failure of a voting member to attend four (4) consecutive meetings of the commission may constitute cause for the Board of Selectmen to remove the member and fill the position thus vacated. A chair, vice chair and a secretary will be elected and will serve for a term of one year.

LENGTH OF TERM: Staggered 3-year terms, with initial appointments to be 3 members for 3 years and 2 members for 2 years; I alternate to be for 3 years and 2 alternates for 2 years. Members of the Commission shall serve without pay.

Commission Members:

Arthur Talmadge, Chairman (U) 3/15/2019

Sherry Simpson (U) 3/15/2019

Michael Sibiga, Vice Chairman (D) 3/15/2019

Daniel Zaicek (D) 3/15/2021

John Alapi (D) 3/15/2021


Carl Pfalzgraf (R) 3/15/2019

Luther Brauch (U) 3/15/2021

Doug Jenne (U) 3/15/2021

FFA Representative:

Nick Vertefeuille, Secretary

Brochures from the Last Green Valley

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Meeting Minutes