Planning and Zoning Commission

The PZC has statutory responsibility to regulate commercial, industrial, residential and other forms of land use activity. In addition, the PZC has the legal responsibility to review all municipal improvement  proposals.

 The PZC exercises controls over land use by dividing the town’s land into various residential, commercial and recreational zones and regulating, through Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, the nature of uses, structures and site improvements that may take place.

Public hearings allow citizens to comment on all proposed changes to the Plan of Conservation and Development, the Zoning Map, Zoning and Subdivision regulations and special permit applications. Legal notices are published in a local newspaper prior to any public hearing. Citizens may also comment on proposed subdivisions and other land use applications Development, Zoning map or land use regulations.

Commission members are elected at biennial municipal elections to serve six year terms.  Alternate members are elected for two year terms.

Commission Members:

Richard S. Williams, Vice Chairman (R) 11/6/2019

Nord P. Yakovleff (D) 11/6/2019

Thomas R. Paul (U) 11/6/2019

Janet Bellamy (D) 11/8/23

Alexander Hastillo, Secretary (U) 11/7/2023

Gerald Ernest Dufresne (R) 11/2/2021

Jeffrey A. Silver-Smith, Chairman (D) 11/2/2021

Catherine W. Sampson (D) 11/8/23

Robert M. Zaicek, Vice Chairman (R) 11/2/2021


Tom Hastings (U) 11/6/2019

Douglas C. Jenne (U) 11/6/19

Jeffrey C. Schillinger (R) 11/6/19

Zoning Enforcement Officer:

Michael Gardner

Contact Zoning Enforcement Officer:


860.487.4435 Fax

While the on-line Zoning Regulations for the Town of Ashford presented on this website are believed to be substantially correct, they are provided for informational reference only.  For project applications and legal matters, interested parties should obtain the official printed copy of the regulations available in the Land Use or Town Clerk’s office located at 5 Town Hall Rd.

Final Zoning Regulations effective 11-1-2014


Meeting Minutes