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Message from Governor Malloy’s Office regarding Hurricane Sandy

Water is available at the rear of the Town Office building and at the fire house on Rte 89. Cell phones can be charged at the Senior Center from 9 AM -3 PM. Additional updates will be posted as they are available.
Message from Ashford Emergency Management and the Ashford Selectmen’s Office


Hurricane Emergency Information


Your safety is our main concern.  We may all be dealing with an extended period of disruption to our normal activities depending on the nature and path of Hurricane Irene.


For downed trees and wires, medical assistance or a fire emergency call 911.

Make sure to keep cell phones charged.  Land line wires may be down.  Stay on the call with the emergency dispatcher until they have asked all their questions.  If you are calling from a cell phone, the dispatch center will not know your location.  Our emergency dispatch center for fire, EMS or other emergencies is a regional center located in Tolland, CT.  They depend on you to provide complete information.  During the course of this storm and the recovery period, non life-threatening calls to 911 may be routed to our local fire department.  Regardless, your concerns or situation will be addressed.


At this time we are not planning to open a shelter for the general public unless we have a significant number of people needing assistance.  If we do activate a shelter program it will be located at the Ashford School.  Entrance will be into the lobby at the rear of the school adjacent to the cafeteria.  If you have sheltering needs, call the number for the Selectmen’s Office:  860-487-4400.  If the shelter is not activated, we will try to arrange individual shelter assistance through the Red Cross.


We presently have no provision to shelter pets.  Provide food and water for your pets in the safest location you have available at your home.  Service dogs in harness can be accommodated.


Everybody needs to understand that all State, Red Cross and municipal resources will be strained.  Some self sufficiency on your part and cooperation with your neighbors can make the situation more manageable for all.  Use common sense and make safety a priority.


Treat all downed wires as live and dangerous!


If you lose power call CL&P at: 1-800-286-2000

CL&P builds their outage map and assigns resources based on all the calls from individual customers like you.






Connecticut Light & Power




Connecticut Emergency Management