Parks and Recreation

Meetings are held on the third Monday monthly, or Tuesday following a Monday holiday, 7:00 P.M. in Room 101, lower level of the Town Office Building.

The Parks and Recreation Commission shall be composed of five regular members and three alternates, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, to five year terms.  Any member of said commission may be removed by the majority vote of the commission members.  Vacancies on said commission shall be filled by approval of the Board of Selectmen of any current terms.  All members shall serve without compensation

The Parks and Recreation office is located in the lower level of the Town Office Building at 5 Town Hall Road.

Commission Members:

vacancy  ( )  04/2019
Dan Eric Kehoe  (U)  04/2018
Sandra Moquin  (D)  04/2021
Neil P. Gordon ( )  03/31/2022
Garth F. Bean  (D)  04/2017


Vacancy  04/2020
Andrew Doering  03/31/2022
Vacancy  3/31/2019

Director: Sheryl York

Contact Parks & Recreation:                                                   

860.487.4434 Fax

or email Ashford Recreation Department

Ashford Parks & Recreation Mission Statement 2011                               Ashford Parks & Policies 2011


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